To fight or not to fight in Thailand?

To fight or not to fight in Thailand Tips and advice to help you answer your most burning questions

Tips and advice to help you answer your most burning questions.

Your flight’s booked, your travel arrangements are sorted, in the next few weeks it’s finally on – your much awaited training trip to Thailand is on the horizon! And if you’re like many others on their first ever trip to the land of smiles, you’ll also be considering a fight. Yes, and just as most who come here to train, you too are back and forth on the matter – do I fight or don’t I when I am there?

Here’s a helpful little list of tips and things to seriously consider to help you make the best of your Muay Thai holiday and to help you answer the ultimate question!

1. Ask yourself this question first: "How important is a fight in Thailand for your continued enthusiasm for Muay Thai?"

You’re all ready to go, and probably can’t wait to hit the gym, meet the Thai trainers and start training. And for weeks now, you have probably also been thinking the ultimate question through and through, and over and over. Should I fight when I am in Thailand or not?

So here’s the thing. No messing and an honest answer up front: How important to you is an official fight in Thailand? Kinda cool, maybe, pretty important or an absolute must? What does the fight really mean to you and how hard are you prepared to sacrifice for it? No bullshit, just answer your own questions honestly. And what’s your answer? Now you know!

Ask yourself this question first - How important is a fight in Thailand for your continued enthusiasm for Muay Thai

It sounds a bit simple I know, but why are you truly interested in Muay Thai, really? Is it for fitness, do you love the social network, are you looking to let off some steam or is fighting your true love? There are so many different reasons people love to train Muay Thai, find yours! If fighting is central to your love for the sport, go for it!

2. Is a fight in Thailand your first ever fight or have you fought in your home country before?

Ponder this point long and hard. If you have been fighting back home, then the jump is not so big. But if its your first ever fight, ever, then maybe Thailand is not such a good idea. Or maybe the best idea ever because you are surrounded in Thai culture and have the perfect experience to make it happen!

Is a fight in Thailand your first ever fight or have you fought in your home country before

If this is the case then you should consider fighting on Punch it Gym Koh Samui’s “Soi Fight Night” – a gym internal event that is especially designed to give fighters like yourself a safe and unique first fight experience under the guidance of an experienced Punch it coach and against a very well matched opponent of a similar level to yourself. These events are held at Punch it Gym and are a perfect setting for a safe and authentic first fight and to get a true taste of Muay Thai fighting before stepping into a real and more imposing stadium.

3. Do you have time to start your preparations before arriving?

If the decision is to fight when here in Thailand, then the decision must also be to start your preparations before you arrive. Nuff said.

Do you have time to start your preparations before arriving

4. Are you fit, healthy and injury free when you arrive?

Another no brainer. If you are planning to fight when in Thailand then it is imperative that you arrive here to begin your training fit, healthy and injury free. No excuses. Training here is tough enough, fight prep too, so no time to waste. Arriving unfit or injured or sick – no fight! Also if you are over 35 years of age, think long, hard and very carefully as to why you want to fight. A fight is a fight and there is always a risk. At 20, your body is different and has a completely different regeneration process. So our recommendation is clear: If you don’t have any real combat experience, you shouldn’t be looking to start in Thailand if you are over 35. The good health and safety of our customers and trainees is of utmost importance to us – always!

Are you fit, healthy and injury free when you arrive

5. Make your decision before you leave for Thailand! Seriously.

There are levels to this, believe us. So don’t just arrive at the gym, train on and off for a few weeks and then “I’ll see if I want to fight when I’m there.” No way!


Make your decision before you leave for Thailand! Seriously

Please read point 5 over again. Thanks!

A few further things to consider:

Get enough sleep. If you are interested in training for a fight in Thailand whilst here at the camp, make sure you get enough sleep over the coming weeks, especially in the days before leaving for the airport. This will help you maintain your general wellbeing and help you to shake off the jetlag faster once you arrive.

Eat well. Maintaining your healthy diet over the coming weeks and especially in the days running up to your arrival is another important factor in setting yourself up for a fantastic Muay Thai training trip and ensuring that you are all good to go once the dietary requirements change. Food in Thailand is famous for it’s very own unique and spicy dishes but the switch takes a few days for your body to get accustomed to.

Drink plenty of water (as usual) and keep your uptake on supplements going strong. Vitamins, minerals etc. are an important help in maintaining your health, so don’t miss out on them either.

One final question you may be asking yourself is what happens if I decide to set up my training at Punch it Gym to prepare for a fight but decide mid term that I want to pull out, for whatever reason? The answer is nothing! If you fight, you fight, if you don’t, you don’t. Nobody will sanction, berate or pressure you here, fighting is normal day to day business here, things happen and life goes on. So relax, consider your plans carefully, make a decision and start preparing for the trip of a lifetime!

So that’s about it. It’s not rocket science but it still doesn’t come easy. Consider these helpful tips before you arrive at our camp, let’s discuss your needs and plans on day one, and let’s get working together on the trip of a lifetime!

And please don’t arrive at the camp thinking you can easily come to fight and enjoy your island vacation in holiday mode too. Those who fight with us train with our active fighters twice a day – without exception. No room for excursions, missed trainings and long party nights! When we do something, we do it right. This also applies to those who fight for us and is what we expect from them too. We are 100% Muay Thai!

Whether you plan to fight when you’re here or not, our team at Punch it Gym Koh Samui are here to help you every day and every step of the way to make your training holiday truly memorable. If you have any questions, please contact us, we’re here to help!

Let’s go!


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