Punch it Gym Team

We introduce you here the Punch it family #onemuaythaifamlie.

The Punch it Muay Thai Gym in Koh Samui, Thailand, is renowned for its high quality and top-notch service. We are committed to hiring exceptional staff who align with our company philosophy. Our trainers are experienced professionals with extensive backgrounds as both coaches and fighters. They have been carefully selected to create the perfect balance of professionalism and enjoyment in our training sessions.

Our back office team, responsible for bookings, payments, and marketing, is also highly qualified and dedicated. They strive to meet your needs in all aspects, even after your training sessions. Likewise, our Punch it Healthy Cafe team works with great motivation and passion to provide you with the best ingredients daily.

We take pride in our team and the welcoming atmosphere we create together. Our goal is to provide you with an outstanding training experience and support you throughout your Muay Thai journey. Visit us at our gym and experience for yourself why we are synonymous with quality and exceptional service.

Trainer Team

Kru Fas

Head Coach

He is our Muay Thai drill commander and takes care of the organization with our trainers and fights. He is also a co-organizer of the Punch it Fight Night and Soi Fights. His life in the gym started at the age of 8, giving him a vast amount of experience already.

Kru Eak

Muay Thai Coach

Eak has over 23 years of Muay Thai coaching experience. With more than 250 fights under his belt, he concluded his active fighting career 10 years ago. His expertise lies in kicks and knees, which has led him to win the majority of his fights.

Kru Bao

Muay Thai Coach

He grew up fighting since childhood, actively fought and trained until 2022. Monthly presence in the ring. With over 300 fights, he is now working as a trainer, ready to share his tricks and techniques for your goals.

Kru Boy

Muay Thai Coach

For decades, he has been a popular trainer who is highly knowledgeable about technique and enjoys explaining his expertise in detail. His trademark is his ambition to take you to the next level. We are confident that you can learn a lot from him.

Kru Dam

Muay Thai fighters and Coach

His martial arts skills and discipline are exemplary. He is among Thailand’s elite fighters and has been competing in the best TV league for over 10 years. In 2023, he also had the opportunity to fight for the championship belt at the Rajadamnern Stadium.

Kru Ton

Muay Thai fighters and Coach

Raised as a fighter, he has been trained as a trainer with us since 2022. Now he can also train you in Muay Thai with his technique and passion, while still actively competing in the ring. His specialty is delivering powerful knees that have put many opponents to sleep early in their fights.

Kru Dream

Muay Thai fighter and Coach

Managing the tough work of being a fighter and trainer, he is among the top fighters on Koh Samui. He also regularly competes in prestigious events such as Rajadamnern and Lumpinee Stadium. We are proud to have such experienced individuals on our team.

Kru Not

Muay Thai fighter and Coach

A joyful boy, always serious and polite. His gym mates appreciate his humorous nature. But as a fighter he is feared, with over 100 victories through impressive kicking techniques, he remains an active and respected fighter.

Fighter Four

Muay Thai Kid’s Coach & Fighter

Growing up in the gym, he becomes more experienced and disciplined. He is already fighting at a very high level and is among the regular fighters at the Phetchbuncha Stadium in Koh Samui. We are excited to see where his journey will take him next.

Fighter Team

Fighter Super X


Super X, our youngest fighter at the age of 13, has already defeated nearly all opponents in South Thailand. His passionate fighting style impresses us. He will now attend school in Samui, allowing him to train with us long-term and become one of Thailand’s top fighters.

Fighter PO


The young Thai fighter aims for a promising career as a Muay Thai champion, despite having few fights under his belt. We nurture his talent and take pride in supporting him through our development program.

Fighter Dream


Dream, one of our newcomers, has already completed over 30 fights in Muay Thai after finishing school. His motivation, discipline, and intelligent fighting style set him apart. We hope his dream comes true as he aims to join Thailand’s elite.

Fighter Jarek


Jarek from Myanmar, the strongest yet least experienced fighter in our team, had no home and dreamed of becoming a fighter. We fulfilled his dream, embraced him as part of our family, and he now lives with us at Punch it. This is the Punch it family.

Management and Administration



Latchineepan, our director, embodies our commitment to high standards at the Gym and in our Punch it healthy café. As a lawyer, she ensures legal compliance and proper procedures in all aspects of our operations.

Markus Muster

Managing Director and Founder

He is the founder of Punch it Branding and has been practicing martial arts for over 23 years. His purpose is to maintain high standards in training, equipment, and all Punch it Branding products. Therefore, his greatest concern is to offer the best quality to his customers.


Front Office Manager

She is the lady who ensures that your stay runs smoothly. She also takes care of the sale of products in our Muay Thai shop at the gym and our online Muay Thai shop, www.punchit.shop.


Accounting & Product Management

Ben is in charge of the entire accounting and inventory management for the Punch it brand at our gym. They ensure that we always maintain accurate stock levels, with over 90% of our products usually available on-site.


Facility Manager

Without him, the gym would fall apart. He takes care of the daily infrastructure management, including the gym and restaurant. New constructions and renovations are his responsibilities, and he seems to work tirelessly, never reaching completion. This is what sets us apart – constant improvement and growth.


Cleaning and Maintenance Work

Kaung, our hardworking cleaning staff, ensures cleanliness and orderliness in our gym and restaurant. Starting at 5:30 am every morning, he ensures that we have a clean gym for our customers by 7:00 am.

Punch it Healty Café

We have carefully selected our staff at our Punch it healthy cafe, and we take our customer service seriously. It is important to us not only to deliver good quality, but also to be customer-friendly. The main purpose of our restaurant is to provide customers from our gym with healthy and low-calorie meals on-site and offer them a meeting place to socialize after their workouts. Of course, we also warmly welcome all other guests from Koh Samui.



Our restaurant manager ensures that all guests are warmly welcomed and leave satisfied. We prioritize maintaining high standards and delivering good quality, and Noon strives passionately for that.


Head Chef

Our head chef is responsible for creating delicious dishes and ensuring smooth kitchen operations. He brings creativity, experience, and passion to our kitchen.

Ya Ya


She is the youngest member of our service team and primarily takes care of the bar operations. She approaches her work with joy every day and always has a smile for you. She is looking forward to your visit.



He is the big and strong one in the team, but his friendly demeanor resonates well with our customers. He also has an interest in fitness and martial arts, which aligns perfectly with our customer interactions.



The nimble one in the team is always committed, even when under pressure. He maintains composure and takes care of the customers with his skills. He has a friendly smile every day and is always incredibly friendly.


Kitchen Assistant

She is the right hand of our kitchen chef and in charge of ingredient preparation and breakfast menu. With over 20 years of experience in the kitchen, she knows exactly what to do, even when things get busy.


Kitchen Assistant

The woman for perfect food – at our place, dishes are not simply served, but each one is presented to the customer just as it appears on the menu. She is responsible for ensuring that all dishes are perfectly decorated and served in the right quantity.