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Our Punch it Muay Thai Gym – more than just another Muay Thai camp in Thailand

There is certainly no shortage of Muay Thai gyms in Thailand. Especially in the larger cities, you can assume that there are some gyms for the martial art Muay Thai. But our Punch it Muay Thai Gym on Koh Samui is by no means just any gym in Thailand. Even though there are around 30 Muay Thai gyms on the island alone. So you will surely wonder what sets our gym apart from the crowd. We’ll show you!

Punch-it Gym Koh Samui About Us

The history of the Punch it Muay Thai Gym

Our Camp Punch it Muay Thai Gym was founded on July 1, 2017. It is managed by Punch it Co., Ltd, whose owner is Markus Muster. He also runs Punch it GmbH in Switzerland. Markus has many years of experience in the field of martial arts. He has been a passionate martial artist since 1999 and practices a wide variety of martial arts. These include boxing, kickboxing, karate and the Muay Thai. Markus Muster has acquired a lot of specialist knowledge over the years. He is professional with equipment and training. He is also professinal with marketing and design. So of course he has the best prerequisites to run his own gym like a brand.

The Punch it Muay Thai brand was launched in 2015 as a separate martial arts brand. Not in Thailand, however, but in Switzerland (Bern). In the beginning everything went very slowly. The warehouse was managed in the garage. Over time, however, more and more customers were added and the range became increasingly larger. As a result, a second warehouse was opened in Burgdorf. As the concept was well received, Markus Muster decided to give the brand a boost in 2016. For that he was ready to take a big step. He decided to emigrate to the country of origin of the Muay Thai – Thailand. Markus Muster had already spent several training vacations in Koh Samui. For him there was no question that it was the perfect place to promote the Punch it Muay Thai brand.

Punch-it Gym Thailand Koh Samui Markus Muster

Punchit Gym Team

In addition to working for his brand, Markus Muster regularly organized personalized Punch It Muay Thai Camps. These camps were primarily aimed at Swiss customers who wanted to practice Muay Thai in Thailand. The idea was very well received and was a complete success. Many customers were convinced of the good and structured way of working. The large number of visitors contributed to Markus quickly coming into contact with the local gyms. Some friendships also developed. His favorite gym was founded in 2015 by the two brothers Paidang and Nokweed. Since Markus was in constant contact with the brothers, the idea arose to open a gym equipped with Punch it. However, since Paidang’s brother Nokweed died in 2016, Paidang did not have the motivation to continue the gym.

Now Markus had to decide whether he was ready to buy the gym. But emigration and the development of Punch it had its price. The savings were no longer big enough. Fortunately, a common solution was found and Paidang’s camp changed hands. With the reopening, a new name came along, of course. The camp is now known as Punch it Muay Thai Gym and is one of the most famous Muay Thai facilities on Koh Samui. Markus had made it. His ambitious nature made his dream come true. It has been progressing steadily over the years. Since 2019 the offer includes 5 accommodations and a motorcycle rental. Both the gym and the brand are constantly growing.

What sets us apart from other Muay Thai gyms

As mentioned before, there are around 30 Muay Thai gyms on Koh Samui. The question naturally arises as to whether opening another gym really makes sense. However, that seems to be the case. Otherwise Markus would certainly not have been successful. Admittedly, the initial situation was not entirely without. It took some time to establish itself on the island. But with the vision of being better and different, our gym was able to prevail over the competition. Markus’ experience in the field of martial arts naturally played an important role. He had clear ideas about how the camp should be run. For this, he laid down three principles: cleanliness, varied training in an adapted training level and good equipment.

These principles are still important nowaday. The Punch it Gym tries to evolve continuously in order to offer the exercisers the best possible experience. What sets us apart most from the other gyms is the structure of our training programs. These include both traditional and modern Muay Thai training plans. Furthermore, your personal needs, your training level and your goals are in the foreground. This concept enabled us to make a name for ourselves internationally and we are now one of the best Muay Thai gyms on Koh Samui.

This is confirmed by numerous positive reviews on Google, TripAdvisor and other portals. Due to the success, it is now also possible for us to send Punch it products and personalized goods to gyms from all over the world.

Punch it Gym Koh Samui

Our vision of the future

Our Punch it brand has now established itself. However, this does not mean that we have no plans for the future. Our vision of the future is to promote young Muaythai talents in Thailand. This is also the reason why our gym will be expanded with new accommodations and a training room in the future. The main purpose of the training room is to teach English to the Thai Muaythai fighters. The project runs under the name Punch it jung fighter foundation and is expected to be completed by 2022. After that there will be room for 5 to 6 fighters aged 15 to 20. Including a place for a foreign fighter who wants to experience an authentic Muaythai training life. The fighters can train with us for up to 3 years. But there is no luxury. The focus is on training and combat success. Another part of our vision is the production of sports clothing. This should take place directly in the gym. There will also be a restaurant with healthy athletes food in the future. So far we have not been able to implement all of our plans. But we are working on making our vision of the future come true soon. Our loyal customers naturally play a key role in this and are already looking forward to your visit and great friendships.

Your Punch it Muay Thai team

Our vision of the future