The brand Punch it from Thailand and Switzerland

An interview with Markus Muster Owner of the company Punch it GmbH in the first issue 2018 in Chok! Magazine

Salü Markus, Greetings from the cold Germany! What’s new from the “punch-it” headquarters?

Greetings from Samui – 32 degrees annual average temperature, one of the main reasons that we have relocated our control center here and test our products every day in the toughest conditions and evolve.

You are successful and very well established with the “Punch-it” brand in Switzerland, is there a longer-term overall concept behind it?

Opening a Punch-it Muay Thai Gym in Thailand in 2017 was a very important strategic decision for us. Also in 2018 we have new goals – the cooperation with CHOK! Magazines for example, the move of our warehouse to a new logistics center, to develop new products such as the Muaythai gloves, etc. But clearly, there is a basic concept and a company strategy.

What does the brand Punch-it stand for?

In the past years I have learned that ideas and concepts change very often. One must have products e.g. be tested by active fighter. Respecting opponents, coaches and people is also very important to us. With discipline to improve yourself every day and never give up without thought of hatred or violence. Martial arts is an art and has nothing to do with violence. Only years of hard work bring the body and mind on the level to even fight in the ring. These are the messages that we like to communicate with our brand Punch it.

And what’s new in the Punch it Factory?

As I said, the new Muaythai gloves and we now also design and produce custom shorts on customer request “made & designed by punch it.” Strong.

And what does the future hold for punch it?

Many who train with us, want to continue to practice the sport later in their home country. This has also developed another future strategy – the franchising concept. For me it is important that punch-it grows healthy and reasonable. Also a main reason that no investors are currently involved with us. We had some inquiries and of course it’s tempting, but I’m afraid we would not be able to meet our high standards of quality and customer service. So the mountain is first heard without Sherpas and we try to reach the top with a lot of diligence and discipline. “The main objective of our company is, of course, to continue to supplement the range with best products and to offer a broad overall range.”

In the second step, we would like to establish distribution with distributors in Europe. There we are always open to those interested who would like to distribute exclusively our brand Punch it in the future. We will also try to build qualified franchising gyms for the distributors. Here we had some interesting conversations in the past few months. Interested parties are welcome to contact us, we are open for ideas.

Are you at home on Koh Samui or still a true Swiss for life?

I live in Samui since 2016 and I’m still 99% Swiss, but every day I learn a lot from the culture of Thailand and I am convinced that we can learn a lot from you and you probably from us. In Switzerland we grow up with a lot of rules, laws and accuracy. All these points do not have such a high priority here in Thailand as in Switzerland. A healthy mix is ​​probably the way of the future. “If I save 2% of my annual Lose mentality, so I’ll probably have found in retirement with 50% Swiss and 50% Thai the perfect quality of life. But retirement is unthinkable … now it’s punch time! ”

Markus, what do you think makes a champion?

It’s actually quite simple when he uses our slogan “With respect and discipline Punch it but without violence”. If all humans understood this, we would only have champions in the world and world peace. That is probably the reason that unfortunately only There are very few real champions. A belt or title doesn’t says a lot about a fighter and person – in my opinion.


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