Is CBD really a miracle cure for fighters?

Is CBD really a miracle cure for martial artists?

It’s on everyone’s lips, whether in Boxing, Kickboxing or Muaythai, the CBD products have already become firmly established in martial arts. So we wanted to know from a few Muaythai fighters what their experiences are with the CBD products.

Organic and Natural CBD Products for figthers

Here is our summary of what you need to know about CBD products in Martial Arts and other sport:

First things first! Is the CBD even legal?

Since 2017, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has removed CBD from the prohibited substance. The Supstand is now legal and can be consumed legally in martial arts like other sports.

Do you have a performance boost with CBD?

Many types of hemp are grown legally worldwide. The use of industrial hemp is particularly high, as it naturally has low levels of THC. A high CBD content is important for industrial hemp. This makes it perfect for the production of CBD products but has no use as an intoxicant. Since the products are legal, the THC content must not be higher than 0.2%. In addition, the substance CBD without THC (less than 0.2%) is considered a dietary supplement and is therefore 100% legal and can be employed without a medical certificate. From a legal point of view, CBD is therefore to be treated on a par with other food supplements such as vitamins or minerals.

Attention! Even if the CBD is legal in almost all countries in Europe, there are still countries where the trade and use of CBD products is prohibited. We therefore recommend that you check this briefly before buying.

As a martial artist, what are the advantages of CBD for you?

The CBD products bring a lot of benefits in martial arts. The active ingredients have a positive effect on the heart and blood circulation. It also has a protective effect on the nervous and immune system and is anti-inflammatory in the event of injuries. The CBD oil became known for its active fight against pain. Even before competitions, many have found that stress and nervousness are reduced and the focus on the fight is increased.

Do you have a performance boost with CBD?

Whether or not the CBD has an effective increase in performance is still somewhat controversial and we only found the indication in the studies that in martial arts athletes with low anandamide levels (responsible for perception and movement sequences) there is a clear difference in reactivity and coordination with CBD influenced. However, at a normal value, the effects were not as strong or hardly noticeable. But what can be seen in all of them is that the regeneration is improved and this gives an indirect increase in performance.

Where can CBD also have positive effects?

CBD active ingredients have repeatedly shown themselves to be positively effective in chronic pain and have also improved the psyche. But much of the effects have not yet been researched and therefore not proven with studies. You can fight a lot of chronic and minor ailments with the CBD products. But don’t eliminate diseases or causes. But the new studies keep proving amazing things and there will be a lot more to come in the coming years.

A positive effect was also found in the following complaints – diseases:

  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Headache
  • Depressions
  • Loss of appetite
  • Stress pressure
  • Asthma
  • Cramps

What are the reasons for the amazing effects of CBD?

Cannabis – CBD contains over 100 cannabinoids that act on the human body. In medicine, cannabinoids are used in various areas of application, such as neuropathic pain associated with loss of appetite, vomiting and various forms of epilepsy. The human nervous system is equipped with cannabinoid receptors on which the CBD can effectively exert an influence. The receptors are located in the central reproductive and nervous system. To do this, the human body produces so-called endocannabinoids, which attach to the same receptors.

Which CBD product should you buy?

There are a large number of manufacturers on the market. In principle, trust in what has been declared by the manufacturer also applies here. In addition, there is the reliability of the delivery and what else should be considered are the shipping costs and payment options.

For us personally, the manufacturer from England Pure Sport CBD has the best products for martial artists and general athletes. Whether oil or in capsules form, the products are shipped quickly and are of high quality.

The CBD conclusion summarized:

The fight will not be won with the CBD, But preparation for a fight can be improved very well. With fewer physical complaints, greater ability to concentrate, more motivation and better recovery. With these advantages in preparation, the CBD has clearly earned a place in martial arts and clearly has an advantage.

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Markus Muster

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