Muay Thai Advanced

Muay Thai Advanced

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This class is for everyone who has more than a year’s experience with martial arts (Muay Thai, Kickboxing).  Discipline and hard work have top priority in this class. We will help you reach your goals or prepare for your next fight. “No pain – No glory“

We start at 16.00-16.30 with run (4-5 km) in Lamai. Please come on time and with running shoes.
Right Muay Thai fighters start the training with running. If you do not want to run, you can make the warm up of yourself at 16.00 in the gym.

Class example:
30 min. Running in Lamai
10 min. Rope Skipping and streching
10 min. Shadow Boxing – Muaythai
15 min. Technique exercises
15 min. Sparring
10 min. Boxing-bag
15 min. Pad-work
10 min. Clinching
5 min. Stretching