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How does a gym produce successful fighters? What helps to secure the offspring? And how do you ensure a stable financial basis? These are questions that are likely to concern every gym owner. Punch it GmbH owner Markus Muster’s answer seems simple: professionalism is the be-all and end-all.

Construction has been going on for months. Walls are placed, the ventilation mounted and mirrors hanged. The responsible persons pay attention to every detail: no joints are overlooked, nothing is left to chance. The Raion Dojo board members are expanding. With the help of various club members, they are expanding the training facilities from around 500 m2 to over 1000 m2. “Your concept works, and the steadily growing number of members speaks for it,” says Markus Muster, managing director of the Punch it brand. Muster is a long-time friend and business partner of the dojo.

In exchange with countless gyms.

Markus Muster started his own Punch it GmbH 4 years ago and already supplies many gyms with training material. His company has a lot of passion, he always works with great passion. Through his work, he has got to know many gyms and owners in recent years, and was often able to look behind the scenes. “The first impression counts. As with interpersonal relationships, this also applies to the gyms. And the first contact is rarely deceptive, ”as Muster found. “If a gym is a positive and professional event, it usually works well after that. Professionalism guarantees success, which is actually not that difficult. ”

Punch it was recently awarded a major order for the Raion Dojo. “The cooperation was really fun,” says a delighted Muster in retrospect. A smooth process is not a matter of course, he reports. The six board members of the Raion Dojo have split the work exactly. Everybody has his area of ​​responsibility. This ensures that all areas of the club management function – from material management to accounting. «I have seen several times that a single person is responsible for all organizational activities. This often leads to excessive demands. »This not only affects suppliers, but also members.

Training material as part of the overall concept.

The owners of the Raion Dojo leave nothing to chance. Targeted investments ultimately pay off. That’s why they also decided on individual training material. “From the claws to the gloves to a complete boxing ring: We made all the utensils with the supplier Punch it in the Raion look,” the Punch it boss proudly tells. The Raion “look” is not limited to the material or the premises. Be it flyers, the website or training clothes: everywhere you can see immediately who is behind it, the good design prevails everywhere. “Very important for modern gym marketing!” Continues Markus Muster.

Here are some tips from the punch it owner himself:

Recommendation for a professional appearance and for more success:

  • Professional website
  • Good equipment and products for resale
  • High quality images on web & social media channels
  • Define internal responsibilities
  • Uniform appearance across the board
  • Continuous education


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