Can I Travel to Thailand to Train Muay Thai Alone as a Woman?

Can I Travel to Thailand to Train Muay Thai Alone as a Woman

Every year, thousands of travelers come to Thailand from around the world to learn from Muay Thai professionals and gain an authentic training experience. Historically, these travelers have been predominantly male. However, in recent years, as the number of women training Muay Thai has grown, more and more women are taking an interest in their own Muay Thai training experience.

Traveling alone can be incredibly rewarding, but it can also be extremely intimidating, especially as a woman. There are several things you may find yourself worrying about as you prepare to travel on your own. Is it safe? How will you communicate in a forgeign country? Where will you live? How will you get around? If you are a woman who would like to travel to Thailand to learn Muay Thai, but find yourself worrying about these things, keep reading. You can have peace of mind knowing there are ways to make your travel as safe and as enjoyable as possible.

Traveling For Muay Thai

First of all, coming to Thailand to learn Muay Thai rather than just for a holiday is an excellent way to make the most of your time as a solo traveler. Connecting with a gym before your travel may make things even easier for you.

Many gyms can give recommendations for accommodation as well as bike/car rental. Some gyms may even offer accommodation and transportation directly through them. But what if you don’t make prior arrangements with a gym? Not to worry. There are several gyms in nearly every city all over Thailand. Anywhere you decide to travel to, you can vist a local gym and talk with them about the nearby options for housing and transportation as well as training programs that are right for you.

Once you arrive and get settled, you will be anxious to get started with your training. From the first day in the gym you will understand that Muay Thai breeds community. Joining a gym will not only give you a place to exercise but a place to feel you belong. You will find both trainers and other gym members are friendly and will be quick to welcome and make conversation with you.

Another huge benefit of traveling to Thailand to learn Muay Thai as a solo female traveler is an almost guaranteed improvement in confidence and self defense skills. Though Muay Thai is not traditionally used as a self-defense tactic, having the knowledge of Muay Thai will make you feel more confident in your ability to defend yourself should you ever need to (though chances are you won’t find yourself in that situation here).

Why Choose Thailand?

Thailand is a popular destination for solo travelers for many reasons. Aside from coming to learn Muay Thai, here are some other reasons why Thailand is a great choice for women traveleing alone.

First of all, it has one of the lowest crime rates and remains recognized as one of the safest countries in Asia. Buddhism is the predominant practice across Thailand meaning people believe in Karma. Because of this, most people are unlikely to commit crime.

Thailand is known as the land of smiles. People are notoriously friendly and also very relaxed. You will find that anywhere you go, the people will be happy to assist you and do their best to accommodate any requests you have.

Thailand is also a popular place for expats. You will likely meet people living in Thailand from your home country who will happily give you their own advice about adapting to life in Thailand or finding little comforts from home.

What to Expect as a Female Training in a Muay Thai Gym

Typically, you can expect to train as part of a group at most Muay Thai gyms, though private training is always an option. Talk with your trainers about your goals before you begin. Are you training to fight? For exercise? For fun? Coming with a goal in mind will help your instructors get you training at the right level.

For women looking to fight, expect to train alongside the male fighters. You will be running, warming up and even sparring together. Don’t worry. You will have knowledgeable trainers that will teach you everything you need to know about traing at a high level. For women looking to exercise, again, expect to train in a mixed-gender group of people with similar goals and skill levels. You will do a variety of activities including endurance work, pad work, sparring, and light strength training.

Regardless of your reason for training, know your limits and don’t be afraid to speak up if there is something you don’t feel comfortable or ready to do. Your trainers want you to enjoy your experience and shouldn’t force you to do anything you are not capable of or comfortable doing.

In conclusion…Yes, women can absolutely travel alone to Thailand to train Muay Thai. You may arrive by yourself, but with the right mindset and a good gym community, you won’t feel alone for long.

Tips for Success

So you’ve made up your mind and think you’re ready to take on a solo Muay Thai training experience. Here are some tips to prepare you for a smooth transition and enjoyable trip.

1. Learn the Basics of Thai Language

You by no means need to be fluent in Thai to survive here, but knowing some basic greetings and polite words will get you farther than you think. Making an effort to speak Thai with the local people will make them less nervous to speak with you and also more likely to assist you. The gym is a great place to pick up some new Thai vocabulary.

2. Establish a Routine

Find your gym and schedule your time to go every day. Make an effort to explore the area to find your favortie spots for coffee, meals and shopping. Having places to go and things to do is a great way to feel at home in a new country. You might even start to see familiar faces while you’re out.

3. Say “Yes”

It is easy to keep to yourself when you are in a new place, but don’t be afraid to say yes to invites and new experiences. Friends from the gym may invite you out for a meal or daytime excursion on your day off. Say yes. Some of the best experiences are the spontaneous things you can’t plan.

4. Don’t Be Afraid of Change

You will undoubtably notice things that are different in Thailand than from your home country. You may face some internal resistance to new foods, activities or lifestyle habits. Stepping outside your comfort zone and embracing the change will help you to get the most out of your time abroad.

So, what are you waiting for? Have other concerns or questions? Let us know and we will address it in another blog post or send us a E-Mail to office@punchitgym.com


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